Hydro Platers

History of Hydro-Platers

Serving Satisfied Customers Since 1970

Hydro-Platers has been serving satisfied customers with premium quality plating from our Milwaukee, Wisconsin facility since 1970.

While using advanced finishing technology and equipment, our company proudly sets the industry standards for hard chrome, electroless nickel coatings and sulfamate.

Structured for customer service and committed to provide total customer satisfaction, Hydro- Platers is here to serve its customers' needs.

Available 24 hours a day, Hydro-Platers provides fast turnaround without sacrifice to quality.

Frequently, we are called upon to provide additional services related to, but not part of, the plating process. These include milling, welding, machining, sand blasting, grinding, polishing and similar services.

We form long-term partnerships with our customers, serving as their single source of finishing, services. Since many of our customers are machine or tool & die shops, our capabilities can be used to complement their efforts without duplication.

Above all, Hydro-Plater's highly skilled employees take pride in the quality of workmanship they apply to their customers' products.

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