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Hard Chrome Plating

Electroless Nickel Plating

Sulfamate Nickel Plating


Additional Plating Services

Polishing Hard Chrome Plating

Hydro-Platers has the ability to polish a wide variety of sizes both in diameter and in lengths. This service is available as part of the finishing process, both prior to and after hard chrome and sulfamate nickel plating or as a separate contract service.

Finish Grinding of Hard Chrome Plating

Hydro-Platers utilizes several local grinding companies in the surrounding area to meet your grinding needs. We offer this service as part of our hard chrome and electroless nickel plating process so you as the customer can reduce your vendor base and we can control the quality, giving you a completed part to your specification.

Sandblasting Metal Finishing

For smaller parts we can blast small as well as fairly large objects. Our cabinet has the following features: ASME pressure vessel that is powerful with a high velocity blast stream for tough jobs; Moisture Separator to trap water and oil in the system. The cabinet offers easy access for speed and precise control of pressure blasting for maximum job productivity. A full variety of media can be used in the cabinet, such as garnet, aluminum oxide, steel grit, steel shot and plastic media.

Value Added Services

For our customers that want Hydro-Platers to take care of all there metal finishing needs we offer the following services:

  • Anodizing
  • Copper Plating
  • Pasavating
  • Vibratory Deburring
  • Light Assembly
  • Baking
  • Decorative Plating
  • Phosphating
  • Zinc Plating
  • Black Oxide Plating
  • Nickel Plating
  • Tin Plating
  • Packaging


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