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Sulfamate Nickel

Hydro Platers' sulfamate nickel plating is deposited with the use of an electroless plating solution. It is a dense coating of pure nickel that is relatively soft (20 Rc as deposited) It is not the recommended coating in high load applications or strict wear environments without an Industrial Hard Chrome layer.

A deposit of .001 minimum of Sulfamate Nickel to .125 of an inch can extend the useful life of an industrial part wither it is a corrosive environment or a salvage application. Sulfamate Nickel can be deposited directly to the base metal and can serve as a sealer layer prior to hard chromium plating or a bonding (soldering) layer for tin.

Its uses, in salvage restoration or corrosion resistance environments are widely used in many industrial applications.

In a corrosive application a typical Sulfamate Nickel Hard Chrome rod with 0.0015" nickel and 0.001" Hard chrome per side will reach 1000 hours tested per ASTM B117. This would also have a rating of 10 per ASTM B537

Maximum TANK Capacities








2000 Pounds

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