Hydro-Platers has been serving satisfied customers since 1970.

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Hard Chrome Plating

Hydro-Platers’ hard chrome plating meets each customer’s most stringent specifications and quality requirements. We plate to hundreds of different customer requirements, including military plating specifications.


Electroless Nickel Plating

Hydro-Platers offers an autocatalytic plating technique used to deposit a layer of nickel and phosphorus both in a mid phosphorus and high phosphorus Electroless nickel Plating. Electroless Nickel is often used on various types of parts with a very uniform deposit to protect against wear and corrosion. We can deposit in excess of .003 thick.


Sulfamate Nickel Plating

Hydro Platers’ sulfamate nickel plating is deposited with the use of an electrolytic plating solution. It is a dense coating of pure nickel that is relatively soft (20 Rc as deposited) Hydro Platers Can deposit in excess of .120 thick of pure nickel Plating.

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